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Tasty Games & Other Fine Delicacies

We have a passion for those compilations of digital pixels and explosions just as much as the next guy. Fresh off the compiler, we've got ambitions from Arcade games to RPGs.

Finely Purveyed Gourmet Visual Novels & Imports

Visual Novels and Anime will always hold a special place in our metaphorical heart. What better way to spread the love than with some kickass games? We work with the OELVN (Original English Language VN Community) to help bring you original content, and we're looking into the localization market as well for the future.

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Farm Fresh Creativity

THS is a creative collective. Saying that we're just focused on Games or VNs doesn't do us enough justice in our opinion. We aspire high and dream big, because we'd like to explore as many media formats as we can, whether through in-house or assisted development.

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